Friday, March 12, 2010

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

As a history lover, I found this book to be quite entertaining.  I don't know what I was expecting when I opened Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but was very pleased with the fun introduction into the book, as well as all the pages after.  Unlike most Lincoln biographies, this new version tells us what really happened. 

We now know how Honest Abe's mother and sons really died - vampires.  We find out the real reason the civil war was fought - vampires. Grahame-Smith even provides us with photographic evidence throughout the book to back up his claims.

If you love history, and are willing to let your imagination go with the flow, you will enjoy this book as much as I did.  Not only will you find out more about our 16th President's secret life, but you'll learn a little about a few other well-known figures.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dawn of the Dreadfuls

What can I say? This book was awesome! I received it a couple of weeks ago, and read it twice within the first week. Then, I re-read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to see how they flowed together (very well), and read Dawn of the Dreadfuls a third time just a few days ago.

While reading PPZ, I couldn't help but wonder what could have happened to turn Elizabeth Bennet into a young woman who's first thought is to slit a man's throat when he offends her. After learning of the heartbreak, disappointment, and feelings of betrayal she endured, my question was answered.

The book opens with a funeral, where the poor decedent isn't as dead as the guests thought. With the realization that the unfortunate plague has reappeared, Mr. Bennet insists on training his girls in the deadly arts. Mrs. Bennet is horrified by the fact that this decision has ostracized the girls, and is tormented by the fact that their chances of finding suitable husbands is now almost non-existant. Despite being shunned by polite society, the Bennet sisters, with the help of Lord Lumpley, find that being courted by suitable young men is still a possibility. Those neighbors who at first rejected them, find themselves owing their lives to the unorthadox daughters of the Bennets. This story has comedy, drama, romance, and, of course, the zombie factor.

Dawn of the Dreadfuls was written entirely by Steve Hockensmith's hand, so it was an easier read than PPZ that is mostly in Jane Austen's words. It's a fun, enjoyable novel that not only works well with it's sequel, but is also a wonderful book on its own.

I highly recommend this book, and encourage you to go to your nearest book store on March 24th (or go here to find online stores) to pick up this gem.

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Happy reading!